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Mr. Megna's Class

  Mr. Megna has been teaching social studies and law classes for the last 12 years. I hope to inspire you to learn more. 

Mr. Megna's Info

To My Students,              Mr. Megna has been teaching for 12 years and this is my 5th year at Cobble Hill American Studies. I teach many law classes. (Criminology, Police & Community, Gangs Drugs and Juvenile Justice, Cyber Security, Intro to law and Constitutional law to name a few.) I also teach many history classes like Global and American history.  This year I am also teaching an AVID class. Last year I was very fortunate to have many wonderful projects, essays and mock trials. I was also very fortunate to have accompanied students to Washington DC and Philadelphia. Both trips were very educational and fun.   One interesting hobby I have is I am an avid runner. I ran three marathons. I did the NYC marathon two times and Steamtown, Pennsylvania once. The NYC marathon is really exciting and unique. Being a history person, I loved running though our great city, seeing all the cultural flavor our city has to offer (music, many different cultures cheering and different types of neighborhoods).  I hope to help you achieve the highest grade possible so you can graduate and go to college. If you don’t give up and always work hard and work with me as a team, we will do great this year.  You just have to work hard. Maybe you will learn to appreciate history and law as much as I do.  

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